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Palliative Care for People with Advanced Heart Failure

Education Centre
This day is brought to you by partners in care across acute and community cardiology and palliative care services, and draws on our experiences of sharing care. In particular it explores the topic: is good crisis care outside hospital possible? 

Who is the study day for?
GPs, especially those with a special interest in heart failure, community matrons, integrated case management teams, district nurses, hospice at home teams and care home staff, cardiology and palliative care teams, end of life care leads and people suffering from heart failure, whether as patients or carers, who would value knowing more, especially concerning care and choices at end of life.

The day will include:
- The latest from the Annual National Heart Failure audit in terms of incidence/prevalence and outcomes for people with heart failure
- An update on management of advanced heart disease from acardiologist perspective
- Tertiary Centres: seeing, managing and supporting those with the most complex of conditions
- The latest NICE Guideline for Chronic Heart Failure in Adults: (ng106): what is the Gold Standard relationship between cardiology, heart failure, GP and palliative teams in advanced disease?
- An overview of common problems in advanced illness, and palliative solutions
- Outcomes from local Quality Improvement Projects
- Learning and growing from sharing care

£75 per person