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Your views are important to us. We are holding our first Service User Forum on Tuesday 9th May. It will give you the opportunity to share your views on the service(s) you have recieved, as well as make suggestions and give new ideas for the future. 

Who is invited?

You are invited to our Service User Forum if one of the following applies... 
You are currently receiving our care. 
You have recently received our care. 
Someone you know, love or care for is currently receiving our care. 
Someone you know, love or care for has recently received our care. 

What will happen?

The evening will be hosted by a number of hospice staff. We will give everyone in attendance a quick presentation briefing before we branch out into activities where your views and opinions will be sought. Refreshments will be available. 


Tuesday 3rd October, 6pm-8pm. 


The Pepperell Education Centre, which is on the same site as the hospice. View our directions.

To confirm your attendance, please call OrangeLine on 01708 758649 or send an email to Clare McPartland