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Stamps, Foreign Coins, Mobile Phones

Did you know that all of the above can raise us money?

Ash Sen and Paul Gersh with Sure Save vouchers

There are numerous ways that you can help us raise funds without actually having to spend a penny... it's almost too good to be true! 


We can raise money from both British and foreign stamps. All you need to do is rip around the edge of the stamps and post them to us (marking the envelope with 'Stamp Donation') or drop them in to your nearest Saint Francis Hospice shop or Drop Spot. They're sorted by volunteers who will tidy them up and sort them so they can be sold - for £380 per 10kg bag. We raise around £1,000 a month from stamps alone, so encourage your friends and family to save their stamps, too! 

Ash Sen and Paul Gersh with Sure Save vouchers

Mobile phones

Every home is bound to have at least one old, unloved mobile phone, gathering dust in a drawer. We'd love to put them to good use! We'll sell the newest and best quality phones on our eBay page, and all others will be sold elsewhere to raise much-needed funds for the hospice. Please hand your old mobile phones into any of our shops or Drop Spots

Foreign Coins

We collect both foreign coins and old coins, so please drop any you have lingering at home to one of our shops or Drop Spots

Sure Save Vouchers

You'll find Sure Save vouchers in your local newspapers - they're usually worth 1p. Simply cut them out and post them to our fundraising team and we can claim the cash back. You'll be amazed how quickly they add up. 

Ash Sen and Paul Gersh with Sure Save vouchers  Ash Sen and Paul Gersh with Sure Save vouchers