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Syringe Driver

Education Centre
This study day is aimed at qualified nurses or doctors who are required to set up syringe drivers and monitor them for symptom control and end of life care. Students who are interested in learning about syringe drivers may also find it useful. The day is suitable for staff with limited experience of syringe drivers and for those with experience who require an update.

This workshop will include:
  • Teaching and hands-on sessions with the McKinley T34 syringe driver
  • Indications for the rationale behind using a syringe driver
  • An understanding of the commonly used drugs
  • Simple conversions of oral to subcutaneous opioids
  • Site choice, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Case studies

An opportunity will be given to practice setting up syringe drivers in a safe environment with access to experienced facilitators to meet learning needs.

A certificate of attendance will be issued. (Please note this is not a certificate of competency).
£75 per person
Lunch, tea and coffee included.