Tribute Funds
A Tribute Fund is a special place online where you, your family and friends can remember someone special and raise money for Saint Francis Hospice in their memory. Laura with her mum     

Setting up a page is simple and straightforward. 

In just a few steps, your Tribute Fund will be ready to share with family and friends.     

Tribute Fund pages are easy to personalise with stories and photos of your loved one to help you celebrate their life.

People were able to dedicate donations in her memory and also leave heart-felt messages of love and support which were a great comfort to the family. 

Once you've created a page, you can sign in at any time to make changes and personalise it with photographs, music and messages that remind you of your loved one.     

You have complete control over the site, which can be accessed by friends and family wherever they may be in the world.      

You can also light candles and make donations to Saint Francis Hospice in their memory.      
This is great of way of raising funds in memory of your loved one if you are planning on doing events and other activities in their name.  

In this short video Laura James (pictured above with her beloved mum Gillian) talks about how easy it was to set up a page in memory of her mum and how comforting it was to receive messages of love and support and raise funds for the Hospice. 


Saint Francis Hospice works in partnership with to provide our Tribute Funds.