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What your donations could pay for...

Your generosity makes everything we do possible. Without you, people in our community wouldn't have access to palliative and end of life care.

Did you know that £58 could pay for a 1 hour Hospice at Home Nurse visit?

Here's a video of the Hospice at Home nurses explaining what they do.

Find out more about how our nurses HELP


£4.20 could pay for...

One meal for a patient on our ward

That's £16.80 for four patients!

Jacob painting

£10 could pay for...

Art materials for bereaved children 

That's £50 for five children!

Ward Nurse Sam with a patient

£34.38 could pay for...

One hour of care on our ward

That's £137.52 for four hours!

Just £100.25 can pay for one Senior Nurse's care for a day. 

Learn about just how impactful senior nurses can be to their patients with Mark's story.

Read Mark's story in full


£275.34 could pay for...

8 hours of care for a patient and their family in our Hospice ward

That's £826 for 24 hours!


£1,306.79 could pay for...

All hospice services running for one hour 

That's £31,362.77 for 24 hours!

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£4,414 could pay for...

The cost of running the Hospice Ward for a day

That's £30,898 for a 7-day week!

£138 pays for a patient visit from a community nurse.

This is really important for those who do not want to go into the hospice to receive care, but instead would rather receive palliative care from home.

A donation today will help us continue to care.