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Workshop: Music Therapy

Education Centre
This workshop is suitable for all health and social care professionals caring and supporting people and their families/carers with diverse needs. It examines the role of music therapy and its impact on people and their families/carers; enabling appropriate referrals for music therapist to provide support. It explores the different approaches that music therapists adopt in a variety of clinical settings and considers ways of working creatively with people.

What will I study?
This workshop includes a combination of case presentations, presentation of relevant theory, and practical sessions. Many audio and visual examples will be shown of actual session material. This promotes honest and interesting discussion about the role of the music therapist, and enables participants to explore their feelings about the work. Participants will be expected to engage in small group discussions and there are several practical sessions where participants will be encouraged to explore and play a wide range of percussion instruments. Comfortable clothing is advised and participants can bring their own instruments if they wish.

Learning Objectives
> Enhance understanding of how music therapy can therapeutically support and improve well-being, and facilitate positive change
> Learn about how music therapy can help people of all ages and needs through supporting their psychosocial, emotional, cognitive, physical and communicative needs.
> Identify evidence based tools and related theories to guide practice in assessing and managing current issues and needs.
> Identify ways to work creatively with a broader perspective

£75 per person