Big Brew

There are very few certainties in life. But one of them is this: everybody loves tea and cake.

Frankie tea_retouched and cropped (cropped)

The idea is simple: gather friends, family, colleagues or team mates for a couple of hours of drinking and eating, and ask them to make a donation in exchange. 

Only a few core ingredients are required:
  • Somewhere to hold your Big Brew
  • People to attend
  • Beverages
  • ...the rest is up to you. 

Your Big Brew could be an afternoon tea, it could be a wine and cheese evening or a beer and games night. It could simply be stacks of home made cakes and lashings of hot, steamy tea.
To help you we will provide a Big Brew Pack, which includes a fundraising guide, posters, banners, balloons, game cards and more. 

To obtain your pack, call 01708 771427 or email