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Sue's Marathon Challenge - Bursitis, bruises and the Dartford Half Marathon

The clichés "it's a game of two halves, you don't know what's round the corner" describes this month's training for the LONDON MARATHON. 
sue 1 (cropped)
It all began well....a 20 mile run followed by a 16....the snow slowed training down a bit and then a bursitis on my knee cap!!!

I was advised to rest, did as I was told and promptly fell over bruising ribs and chest a week later! 

Have you ever sat on the grass verge on the A12 feeling sorry for yourself? No? I have! 

Anyway, the Dartford Half Marathon on Sunday started nice and early...A short drive over the bridge, a 10 minute warm up and we were off at 9:30. 

The race itself is an undulating one...I started at a sensible pace for 5 miles and progressed to a stronger 5....then at 10 miles I saw the huge hill up ahead (well I thought it was huge!).

Once at the top the 2 miles home were lovely, even with sore ribs I really enjoyed the whole thing.
sue 1
My time was 1:46:48. I was pleased just to finish. 

So, onwards to London with 6 weeks to go, I will try and stick to the plan, stay upright and look after my creaky joints.....and as the cliché goes it's a funny old game!! 

                                                                Sue leading walkers on a country ramble!

If you feel inspired to exercise do join the Family Support Services "Walk On" group on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

We meet on the Green opposite the Hospice at 9; 45, walk from 10 am for a leisurely hour. 

And if you would like to sponsor me please click here to my just giving page.