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As a domestic assistant, the main part of my job is to keep everything clean - that’s the inpatient unit itself along with all of the offices and other rooms in the building.

Everything must be spotless, obviously that’s very important for health and safety reasons, but also I want it to be a lovely environment for the people we are looking after. I think it makes you feel better to be in a clean room and more at home.

What I absolutely love about my job is putting smiles on patients’ faces. We dish up and serve their meals and I make sure I visit the patients every morning. I like to brighten up their day, talking about normal things so they forget where they are and why.

I had cancer many years ago, so for me it’s like giving something back because I was so well looked after. I don’t have the qualifications to be a nurse, so for me this is the next best thing so I can help and make a difference. I love my job; it’s a real privilege to work here.


Gina can put smiles on our patients’ faces because you have contributed to her salary.