Jam Jar Army

Put those coppers to good use...

Brownies with Jam Jars

Join our Jam Jar Army! All you need... is a jam jar. Fundraising doesn't get any easier! Here's how it works:

1. Give us a call on 01708 771431 or send us an email to tell us you're joining our Jam Jar Army. We will post you some exclusive Jam Jar Army stickers. 
2. Find an old jam jar or other suitable container and place the stickers on the jar, as explained. 
3. Place your jar somewhere you'll see it regularly and start to stash those coppers and small coins. You could make it harder by trying to give up something you love and placing the money you would have spent on that item into the jar.
4. Once it's full, place the 'Thank you for your donation' sticker over the lid. You can drop it at any of our charity shops or the hospice itself. 
6. SMILE. You've just helped someone with a life-limiting illness.
7. Take a new sticker and start again!

You'll be amazed how quickly it adds up. So will you be our next new recruit to the Jam Jar Army?