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Accountant is counting down to Brentwood Half Marathon!

For years accountant Abigail Feeley has been spurring on runners as they passed her home along the route of the Brentwood Half Marathon.  
Abigail Feeley and Rebecca Innocent (cropped)
Now Abigail, together with her friend Becky Innocent, is in training for the 13.1mile race through the stunning Essex countryside on Sunday, March 18th.    

Abigail and Becky, both 25, signed up for one of our exclusive places after we cared for Abigail's mum Jackie Feeley before she lost her battle with bowel cancer on October 19th last year.       Abigail Feeley and Becky Innocent

"My mum was only at the hospice for two days and when she died so suddenly it was such a shock to us," said Abigail, who lives in Shenfield.    

"We thought she was at the hospice for pain control and we expected her to be there a lot longer."     

Despite spending such a short time at Saint Francis Hospice, the family was impressed by the care Jackie received and it dramatically changed their perception of hospice care.

"We didn't want mum to go into a hospice at first as we had an image that there would be death everywhere and it would be really horrible but mum had a huge room overlooking a beautiful garden," said Abigail.    

"Everyone we met was so caring and we were all so sad she only had a few days there as we know she would have liked it at the hospice."    

Within days of her mum's death, the family was contacted by the hospice's Family Support Services team and Abigail has taken up the offer of group bereavement counselling. 

"It was so nice to bAbigail Feeley and Becky Innocente remembered," said Abigail.     

"I feel so lonely because I cannot talk to my friends about it; even though they are very supportive they cannot understand and I hope they never have to know what it feels like.

"Our family are very close but I don't want to burden them either as they are grieving too."

Abigail was also keen to support the hospice because it is a small local charity and she is able to make more of a difference.      

She has also discovered that training for the Brentwood Half Marathon has given her a focus to help her cope with her grief.    

"Running is something I really look forward to as it really clears your head for an hour," said Abigail.    

"With grief you need a date to work towards.    

"I have seen the runners pass my house every year and this year my family and friends will be on the roadside cheering me on!"    

Join Abigail and Becky and be part of #TeamSFH. Click here to book one of our exclusive places today or call our events team on 01708 771 427.