Natalie Steps Up for our nurses

Natalie showing Halle her steps - close shot (cropped)
Written by: Anita McCarthy

Natalie, 36, is taking on the 12,000 steps a day challenge for Saint Francis Hospice and she can't wait to get started.


"I thought this was the perfect way to raise money, make a bit of time for myself away from home schooling and to get fit too," said the mum of three.


"My husband and I are originally from Harold Hill so we've always known of the hospice.


"Luckily no one in my immediate family has had to use the hospice but so many of my friends and family have.



"In 2013 I was in hospital after having my son when I read about a local girl who I knew from our younger years who had terminal cancer and was trying to raise funds for treatment. That was when my fundraising started!"


Natalie has been supporting the hospice for many years and in recent years she has raised money by hosting mediumship nights.


Covid may have put a stop to her usual events but we're so excited Natalie will be taking part in our virtual fundraising event.




"I wasn't surprised to discover hospice nurses walk 12,000 steps a day on an average shift," added Natalie.


"I know how incredibly hard they work to care for people who are really poorly and may be in the last days or weeks of their life."


Will you join Natalie and Step Up for our nurses this March? With your help we can be there to care for more patients and families when they need us the most.


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