Young people receive a Foot UP!

Young people known to our Family Support Services team were invited to have fun and challenge themselves through sport and adventure.  
group photo (cropped)

Our Child and Family Therapists Anna Green and Stella Christou organised the Foot Up activities at YMCA in Romford last Tuesday for children aged between 7 and 16.  Group pic with Stella and Anna

In the morning they had a chance to try rock climbing on a wall and in the afternoon they enjoyed Glow Sports, which involved playing basketball, badminton and table tennis in complete darkness but with the help of UV light.  

"We set out to achieve a fun day out by providing the young people with a nice activity where they could potentially meet other children who are involved with the hospice," said Anna and Stella. 

"They all appeared to enjoy it and feel proud of themselves." 

"One girl even left knowing some familiar faces at the new school she will be joining in September!" 

The Child and Family Therapists are able to provide its range of services thanks to the funding from Children in Need. 

Group pic with Stella and Anna

Children get ready to climb the wall!

Group pic with Stella and Anna

Ready to get sporty in the dark!