Volunteer Jenny Hodgson in front of the memory tree

Help make more memories possible

Jacob painting

£10 could pay for art materials for a bereaved child


£40 this spring could help us provide personal care to more people like Mike

CNS Janna Hughes with Frederick Monk 2

£58 could pay for a 1 hour visit from a Hospice at Home nurse

Patient being served a meal pre-lockdown

Each month, your £5 could pay for a meal for a person staying on the ward, or their loved one

Jacob painting

Each month, your £10 could pay for art materials for a bereaved child

Connie with Dena

Each month, your £40 could help us care for the next 40 years

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Will you help make more memories possible with personal hospice care?

"Welcome to Saint Francis Hospice"

"Five words that bring back memories of my husband, Mike, every time someone walks through the hospice doors."


Jenny and her husband Mike on their wedding day

I’m now a volunteer receptionist at Saint Francis Hospice, but my connection to this special place goes way back to the personal care we received following Mike’s lung cancer diagnosis in 2012.

He was devastated when the hospital told him he needed palliative care. It was such a shock to both of us because we didn’t understand what it meant. We thought it was the end. But, of course, it was the beginning of our relationship with the kind people here.

Mike loved it at the day centre. We had a nice time here together. We were able to talk and have some laughs. We couldn’t do that when Mike was at home as I was so busy caring for him.

When Mike died, it was so peaceful. He had a good death.

You never get over losing someone, but the hospice can help so much - from end-of-life support for people with an illness that can’t be cured or treated, to grief counselling for family and friends.

Could you make a gift of £40, or whatever you can afford, to help provide personal care for people when they need it most?


“My husband Mike was my best friend. He was a quiet person who kept everything to himself. He didn’t talk about how ill he was because he didn’t want to worry me. So when he came to the hospice, it was a relief.

I was able to have a special time with him. “Lots of people don’t believe you can have a laugh at the hospice. Yes, there is sadness and tears, but there is also love, understanding and outstanding care.”

"We can provide these life-changing services because people like you care. Every gift means better stories can be told ??" with the best ending we can give them."

"I know times are tough for everyone right now, so please only donate if you’re able to do so."


Jenny Hodgson with Connie,  a Nurse on the Ward

Can you help us continue to give the personal care they need to have precious moments together?


The Memory Tree. Love that keeps on growing.

In this, our 40th year of caring, we are offering you the opportunity to remember your loved one with a special edition ruby leaf.


Your ruby leaf

Dedicate a special edition ruby leaf on the Memory Tree to someone special and celebrate our 40th year of caring for local people who need personal hospice care.

HCAs Julia and Emma holding ruby leaf (cropped)

Remember someone special

The Memory Tree is a beautiful handmade sculpture inside the hospice. Every leaf is engraved with the name of someone special we have cared for.