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This spring, we are asking our supporters to donate £25, which can help fund our bereavement services for adults and children who have lost loved ones. 

A donation of £25 could go towards the cost of one of these sessions, helping to fund not only salary, but travel, equipment and training costs.


We know the impact it can have when someone you love is told they have a life-limiting illness. Suddenly your world adopts a chaotic rhythm of hospital appointments, anxious telephone calls and of course, worry about the person you love.

At Saint Francis Hospice, we are dedicated to giving the best care possible to our patients. But we also recognise the strain a life-limiting illness puts on the people closest to that person too.

This is where we need your help. We’re determined to support family members faced with the emotional stresses of their loved ones’ illness as early as possible. Quick, effective help makes a huge difference to the person’s ability to cope.

We know, because we’ve seen it. But don’t just take our word for it. Roy, who is 46, had his

first bereavement session with me the week his dad, who was his best friend, died.

He says the support he’s received is the reason he’s still coping.

I’m delighted he, his mum, and his daughter - three generations who have all received counselling - have shared their stories with you all. You can read their words on this leaflet.

Please consider a gift of £25 to enable me - and my colleagues across the hospice - to continue to support both the person with the illness and their loved ones too. Support us to be there so that families can be families.

Sandy, Saint Francis Hospice Social Worker

. . . 

The Wood Family

Hannah, Lynda and Roy have lost a very important person from their lives. John Wood was a loving grandad husband and dad. Read their story and read each member of the family explain how the hospice has helped them cope.