The scores are in for the Big Orange Quiz

Written by: Juliette Whittaker
TableTeam nameScorePosition 
41Brentwood's Best offer991st 
15Scrambled Eggheads982nd
05F Barnes - The Better Half973rd 
25The Co-Operators954th 
58Game, Set and Match935th 
30Happy Families926th 
24Tucker's Terrors917th 
55Hillman Avengers Assemble898th 
31Charlie's Devils899th 
46Lorna Lyons8811th 
59June's Jokers8712th 
21The Egg Straordinaires8713th 
62The Baby boomers8514th 
11Que Sera8415th 
20Team Frost8216th 
38Show me the Honey8217th 
04F Barnes8118th 
33Ever Hopefuls8119th 
44Fifty shades of gray8020th 
53Happy happy tours7922nd 
50Th Gatsby Gang7923rd 
56The Mighty W's and Co7724th 
60Nipple Goggles7626th 
29It's no yolk7627th 
63Mixed Bag7528th 
34Les Quiz7429th 
48The Strays7430th 
10Profound Confusion7331st 
32The St Osyth Beachcombers7332nd 
37Brain Strain7233rd 
40Bothered and Bewildered7234th 
16The Dim Innuendos7135th 
18The Egg Eaters7036th 
47Redbidge Smashers6937th 
22The Empty Shells6938th 
49The firm 6939th 
42The Shamrocks6840th 
51Geeks and Greeks6841st 
23The Munchie People6842nd 
17The Omelettes6743rd 
35Poundland Chicks6644th 
28Not the Green Bin Day6545th 
27Norman's Ninjas6546th 
12Team PandA6447th 
61Get Well Soon Steve6348th 
45Gin and bare it6349th 
36Club Tropicana6150th 
57Frankie's Pit Crew5951st 
19The Noughties5952nd 
08Dennis Taylor's Black Ball5853rd 
14Simple Minds5754th 
09Poppadom Princesses5655th 
01KMT Raiders5556th 
39Flying Tarts4957th 
43Bensons and Bushes4658th 
64Us Two2860th