COVID characters

Jan Smith
Written by: Joe Emery

The coronavirus pandemic inspired Jan to reach for her needles and create some COVID bunnies. Jan's willing to create any character you wish. From nurses, scientists, police officers, and footballers sporting the kit of your favourite club to brides and grooms for your wedding tables.


The bunnies hold an all-important bottle of hand sanitiser, and can even be tailored to don a face mask to keep the coronavirus at bay. The animals cost just £5 each and make unique presents. The money from your purchase will go straight to where it's needed most: helping local people living with life-limiting illnesses.


Jan has just reached the £500 mark, yet her versatility doesn't stop there. Her skills also involve meeting and greeting on reception, helping to organise volunteers, and providing support on OrangeLine: our service for people who are going through a bereavement or feeling lonely and isolated.


Thank you for everything you do for us, Jan.


If you have a request, you can get in touch with Jan at



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