Keeping my skills up to date is rewarding and exciting

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Written by: Helen Kingsford

My first role was on the ward one evening a week. I was nervous on my first shift, not knowing how I would feel meeting very ill patients. I needn't have worried as the atmosphere on the ward was not morose, but uplifting, happy and enlightening!


Later, an opportunity arose for me to use the skills I'd attained in my working life. I swapped my ward volunteering to help in the volunteer recruitment department. One day a week I answer enquires, use computer software to manage volunteer's data, interview potential volunteers and ensure they receive relevant training. Sometimes I help promote volunteering by representing the hospice at exhibitions. I could have continued with my Ward volunteering too, doing a dual role, but found this new challenge alone suited me.


I enjoy meeting people and being able to share my experience of volunteering at the hospice. The opportunity of keeping up to date with computer skills as well as new procedures around recruitment has been exciting and rewarding. I feel part of the recruitment team and, by liaising with staff from other departments who are seeking new volunteers, know that my help has been useful.


During Covid-19 things changed dramatically. Necessary safety regulations reduced office space so I now work from home, using remote computer access to the hospice system, to continue contact with potential volunteers and to manage data. Continuing with hospice administration has helped me enormously during lockdown. But now I look forward to returning to the hospice again soon and meeting up with my colleagues.


Having experienced both 'patient-facing' and 'back-office' volunteering I'm aware not everyone would want to do office work, nor would they all want to help on the ward.


Which is why the amount of choice on offer at the hospice - from gardening in our award-winning grounds, to driving to collect equipment, to serving in one of our 18 stores or selling goods on eBay - means there is something here for you too.
So why not come and join us.


Click here to find out more about our volunteering opportunities waiting for you! 

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