Judo master hits the jackpot

Written by: Anita McCarthy

Judo Master Victor Jones is a lucky man and on his third lottery win, he hit the £1,000 jackpot!

Victor, 79, from Dagenham, has been playing the Saint Francis Hospice lottery since 2011 and has previously won £5 in two of the weekly draws.

But the New Year got off to a fabulous start with Victor winning the top prize of £1,000.

“I signed up as a way of giving back to the hospice and never expected to win,” said the grandfather of four.

“I was due to have a hernia operation last week but I got a call to say it had been cancelled. The following day I received a call from Saint Francis Hospice to tell me the good news. That put a smile back on my face.


Victor Jones with his wife Margaret at the Hospice

Supporting the Hospice from the beginning

“I have known about Saint Francis Hospice before it was even opened and they were trying to get the building. My sister came around to see me one day and asked me to sign a petition as they wanted to open a hospice in the local area.

“We try to look after people when they are alive and when they are at the end of their life, is it so important to have comfort and good care.

“I have also had friends who have been helped by the hospice and they were treated very well.”

"Judo taught me about respect"

Victor, who is a 5 Dan, may be retired but he definitely isn’t putting his feet up just yet! He has been practising judo for 55 years and is a member of the Ford Judo Club in Romford.


Victor teaching nurse, Debbie, his judo moves

“Judo is a way of life for me,” said Victor. “It really changed my life. It teaches you great respect for everybody. I never had any intention of doing judo but I remember going along one day when I was 25 and soon found myself going five days a week.

“It’s great fun and exercise and I love the fact that you never stop learning.”

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Feeling lucky?

Fancy your chances of victory? Sign up to our lottery and be in with a change of winning £1000 every week and support your local Hospice at the same time.