Coping with dying

To help with anxiety and uncertainty.

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Supporting bereavement

It can be difficult to know what to do or say to someone you know has lost someone close. People who have lost a loved one need lots of support - even if it doesn't look that way.

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End of life and palliative care quick reference guide

BHR / Brentwood Prescribing advice, drugs, dose starts, ranges, frequency and max for MAARs completion. Extended hour pharmacy details.

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Pan-London medication authorisation / administration charts (MAAR) & anticipatory prescribing guide

This resource contains the Pan London MAAR suite of charts, also example charts for prn injectable meds and syringe pump authorisations, also guidance on how / what to prescribe.

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Anticipatory injectable prescribing guidance - Opioid Naive + eGFR >30

Guidance on what to prescribe.

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Anticipatory injectable prescribing guidance - Opioid Naive + Renal Impairment (eGFR 10 - 30)

Guidance on what to prescribe.

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Anticipatory injectable prescribing guidance - Opioid Naive + eGFR >30 + Frailty

Guidance on what to prescribe.

Deactivation of ICD's towards the end of life

NELFT Policy Updated July 2020. 

Includes Protocol for the Emergency Deactivation of an Implantable Cardiovertor Defibrillator (ICD) for terminally ill patients in the community who are too ill to return to hospital for the procedure.

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Opioids for Palliative Care

Opioid advice for palliative care patients that can be used to manage pain and breathlessness.

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Frequently asked questions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

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Corneal donation - what to do after a death

If someone who has expressed a wish to donate their corneas dies at home or in a care home, download this document to find out what needs to happen next.

Suitability for CPR: Factors to consider

Please read this document for advice and guidance on assessing a patient's suitability for CPR.

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CPR and DNAR decisions: information to consider

Here is a resource with background information and learnings to consider when making decisions about someone's suitability for CPR.

When and how to discuss 'do not resuscitate' decisions with patients

This article offers advice and guidance on when how to approach a conversation with a patient and their family about their suitability for CPR and medical decisions to not resuscitate. 

Recommended reading

We've put together a list of our favourite books that look at the topics of death, dying, and living with terminal illness. We hope you enjoy reading them!