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Leaving a legacy

The outstanding care provided by Saint Francis Hospice to those with life-limiting illnesses is totally free of charge. However, we need to raise a total of £7.8 million through voluntary funding in order for our services to remain at no cost to our users.


Pam Vickers comes into Saint Francis Hospice for care and support, she first visited us for help with her pain.

‘I didn’t want to go at first, but it wasn't what I thought & now I look forward to going there, each visit is different.'

Did you know that 1 in 5 of the local people we care for are currently funded by gifts in Wills?


Leaving a legacy gift helps us to continue to provide essential care for Pam and others now and in the future.

" I know how important gifts in Wills are in helping to fund my care at the hospice and when my time comes I hope to do the same."


By remembering Saint Francis Hospice in your will, you’re doing something inspirational. This costs you nothing now but helps to secure the future of our services for over 4,000 people each year. Almost everyone in our local community knows someone who has, or could have, benefitted from the excellent work of our specialist medical staff.

How your legacy gift can help

£1,000 could pay for 4 patients to attend our Day Therapy Centre

£7,500 could pay for the cost of one in-patient’s treatment

£30,000 could pay for our Home Care service for a week

£100,000 could pay for 400 visits to patients at home from our Specialist Community and Crisis Support Team


Plan ahead

One in four people in the UK die without leaving a valid Will. This can lead to high legal costs and considerable stress for loved ones left behind at what will already be a very upsetting time.

By setting your affairs in order, you make sure your assets are properly shared between your loved ones and helps to reduce the impact that inheritance tax and residential care fees can have on your estate.

Once your family and friends are looked after, you might want to consider the benefits of leaving a legacy to Saint Francis Hospice. By pledging to give everything over and above the inheritance tax threshold to charity, you could avoid this tax completely. Your solicitor can advise you on this as you make your will. If you already have a will, your solicitor can simply add your legacy to it using a codicil.

If you choose to leave a gift to us, we suggest using this recommended wording:

I give the sum of £..............

Or: All of the residue of my estate

Or: One ..... share of the residue of my estate

Or: .....% of my estate (this helps secure the value of your gift against the effects of inflation)

Or: All my personal effects (e.g., jewellery, furniture etc. Please give your solicitor a clear description of the items)

to Saint Francis Hospice (registered charity number 275913) of The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, Essex RM4 1QH for its general purposes and a receipt signed by a person for the time being allowed by the Trustees of Saint Francis Hospice shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executors for the payment or transfer of the said assets to Saint Francis Hospice.

We completely respect your wishes, however, it is best if gifts are left unconditionally where possible, as this allows us to use your gift where it is most needed when we receive it.

If you’re thinking of remembering our hospice in your Will and would like to discuss it further, or if you’ve already done so and would like to let us know, contact Susan Spencer on 01708 771403 or send her an email.