Patients enjoy a paw-some visit

Animals can bring great comfort to people and when Izzy, an 8-year-old Labadoodle, popped in for a visit, she brightened up the day of patients and staff! 
Elsie (cropped)
Izzy is a Pets as Therapy dog and her proud owner Sally Birbeck, who is a retired nurse, spent time with patients in our day services at Pemberton Place.

And Izzy and Sally enjoyed the experience so much they hope to return on a regular basis! 

"When people are seriously unwell or upset, it is amazing how dogs will pick up on it," said Sally.     

"Izzy will come and sit next to people and lay her head on their lap.    
erton Place and in the inpatient unit!
"I think it also nice for people to just sit and stroke a dog as they may not be able to have a pet in their own home or be too unwell to look after a dog."